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  1. Important AZGFD Updates

    Aug 11, 22 06:26 PM

    Arizona's Patagonia Lake Flathead Catfish Advisory - Recent fish tissue analyses saw elevated mercury levels. Eating Recommendations: Adult limit of 2-1/2 oz. uncooked weight/week. Children <13 years…

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  2. Texas Trinity River Has Winding Forks & Many Lakes to Visit! Come See

    Aug 11, 22 05:54 PM

    Texas Trinity River is a major water source for the state. Lakes provide fishing, boating, camping & lots of family fun. Follow its course, we'll show the way.

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  3. Hotels on Lakes in California for a Fabulous Lakeside Vacation Trip

    Aug 05, 22 05:42 PM

    Hotels on lakes in California are everywhere in this wonderful state. Look lakeside for the best views and beaches. We have top choices for you. Best variety.

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