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March 2022

"So lovely was the loneliness of a wild lake."

Edgar Allen Poe

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Phoenix Arizona Lakes in History

Way back in 1922, the city's newspaper pointed out to readers that "Phoenix abounds with grass plots, shade trees, swimming holes, and playgrounds." (Dec. 31, Arizona Republican). They published that there were several lakeside areas in Phoenix where you could fish for rainbow trout & large mouth bass.

You'll note the heading alright! - Scene from a Phoenix City Park. But it doesn't even tell you which park.

The attached news article states: "Baby-State is Paradise for Nimrods, Game is Plentiful.And the article doesn't let you in on the name of the pictured park either. Or where in Phoenix it is.

Even though the city in those days was much smaller. Maybe that's why? They figured if you were a reader, you must know! But then why write about it, to promote the city park with a lake?
Do you recognize it? What do you think? Hmmm.

Scene from a Phoenix City Park<br>From December 1922 newspaperFrom the Arizona Republican: Sunday, December 31, 1922

Phoenix Lake Parks Today

Today there are even more lakes in Phoenix! And many are accessed via a delightful park environment with lots of activities.

For instance, Encanto Park, which is right in the downtown area. It's pretty historic itself, created in 1938.

Anyone visiting can have lots of fun there. There's boating & fishing in the lake. And it's just one of the Phoenix Arizona lake parks that are stocked for fishing.

But what's quite unique and fun is the Enchanted Island Amusement Park!

Have you been to Encanto Park, or any of the lakes in Phoenix Arizona? How was your experience there?

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We'd love it if you'd tell us about any lakes in Phoenix you've visited, the name, how you liked it. Or even post a photo of it to our Facebook Page Here>

More Lakes in the Phoenix Area

Historically rivers, like the Salt River, flowed through Phoenix. Today those are essentially dry, with their waters used upstream for life needs. However, there are more lakes in Phoenix you can visit today. Here are a few others:

  • Lake Pleasant is a large lake with lots of activities. Surrounded by a Regional Park.
  • If you'd rather a nice small lake to access easily when in the city, try Desert Breeze Lake.
  • Wanna have fun On A Boat? This lake in Phoenix allows craft that are people-/wind- or electric-powered.
  • Saguaro Lake is a fabulous choice to go for a swim. Not far from town, worth it!

Lake Joke of the Month!

  • Why shouldn’t you tell jokes on a frozen lake?
  1. It might crack up.

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