Colorado River Yuma

Wonderful Riverside Park

April 2022

"The still waters of a lake reflect the beauty around it. When the mind is still, the beauty of the Self is seen reflected in it."

B.K.S. Iyengar

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Colorado River Yuma Riverside Lake Park

Did you know that April 4th was National Walk Around Things Day

Can you think of something those of us who love going to a lakeside would connect with that day? What a fun day to commemorate! 

How about commemorating that day, by visiting a lake that has a walking path around it!

We've been to lakes that have such trails or walking pathways around the lakeside. Have you? We bet many of you you have!

One we were at one recently. It was an oasis type gem in a very dry area of our state. In Yuma, Arizona. It's within West Wetlands Park. On the northwest side of town, just adjacent to the Colorado River. [See More Along Yuma's Colorado River>]Which also has a riverside trail.

A paved walkway encircles the entire lake. It is a small lake. (In arid country it's all relative, after all!) But how refreshing in this otherwise very dry landscape. Of course it attracts many birds, including waterfowl.

West Wetlands Park Yuma Arizona

Along the way around the lake you'll find nice benches to sit and watch lake activities, just rest, or contemplate the area's beauty.

Other lakeside facilities are picnic tables, rest rooms & a huge nearby kids playground. There's also fishing (it's stocked).

When we're on our way to San Diego, we always cross the Colorado River in Yuma Arizona. But that's halfway, so it's where we take our break. We may stop for lunch at Lute's Casino ["where the elite meet!" - ;-)], which isn't far from this Colorado River lakeside park.

On occasion, if it's a late start we stay overnight in town.

We usually choose The Radisson if we're tired since they're self contained = restaurant on-site. But if we get in earlier & aren't dragging, we'll usually book the Marriott's Springhill Suites since the beds are comfortable & the free breakfast is decent.

Either way, when we decide we always use for traveling. The more we use it the more we save. We've found it's the best out of all.

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Colorado River Yuma Arizona at Wetlands Park

Walk down along the boat ramp road to access the Colorado River. You'll see the exceptional sandy beach there. In Yuma Arizona, this riverside park is probably the nicest way to access the Colorado River. And here you get the best of all worlds!

You can see the wide area along the Colorado River in Yuma that this park covers. And yes, a riverside trail goes through the park, also.

If you're coming through Yuma, we recommend a stop here. If it isn't summer - even stay awhile!

Lake Joke of the Month!

  • Why did the lake date the river?
  1. She heard he had a bubbly personality.
Groan, mild smile, laugh or dud?

Some Lakeside Observations

Also another Commemoration: Happy Easter to Everyone Celebrating. Enjoy your day and your traditions. If you're thinking of getting kids a bunny for this holiday, keep this in mind:

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