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"the sigh of the wind over a lake, light but restful… content with the joy in the arc of an arm throwing a ball for a dog to fetch...”

Jay Woodman

August 2022

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The Best Small Town Lakes in the Southwest

We live in Tucson Arizona, so we know AZ best. But we travel to all our Southwestern states. And we love discovering the best small town lakes in each.

We'll start with Arizona, since that's our home grounds.

The first small town is Prescott Arizona. Population is over 43,000. And it has wonderful lakes. One of the best is called Watson Lake.

Others may be more partial to Lake Havasu City. As it lies along the banks of... Lake Havasu!! Called a "city" with the population a bit over 55,000. Somewhat bigger than a town or village. It has that small town feel.

We're giving it honorable mention, since it has much to its advantage!

channel leading to Lake HavasuThe Channel Leads Out to Lake Havasu
Viewed From London Bridge

New Mexico's Best Small Town Lakes

Santa Rosa - We often travel through here on our way to visit our granddaughter, who lives in Tulsa OK.

You'll see some of the best small town lakes here. Like the wondrous Blue Hole (our great grand-daughters loved their refreshing swim!). The glimmering waters are artesian sourced.

two girls swimming in clean lake waterOur Great Grand-daughters Having a Delightful Time
At Santa Rosa's Blue Hole

We take our mid-way to Tulsa break overnight here in Santa Rosa.

We usually stay at The Hampton Inn while there.

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Best Small Town Lakes in Texas

Blossom - Something to think about for their City Lake. The population is a bit over 1500, so it's got that small town feel alright! The Baseball park has access to the lake, where you can get some fishing in.

Plus you have a short drive to the iconic Red River.

map showing Blossom Texas

Oklahoma's Best Small Lake Town

Konawa - This nice small town with lakes nearby includes Lake Konawa. The lake has 20 shoreline miles surrounding its 1350 surface acres.

Some prize fishing & fun boating. But also a swimming beach on the eastern side at the North Recreation area.

The town is in central OK, northwest of Ada. The population hovers close to 2000.

The Canadian River is southwest of town.

Small Lake Town in Colorado

Walsenburg - Easily accessed from I-25. Population is just over 3000.

Among the nicest small town lakes in Colorado are just west of town. At Lathrop State Park. We think you'd love a visit! We suggest taking a...

Virtual Tour of
This Small Lake-Side Town in Colorado

Best Small Town Near Lakes
in Utah

Sterling - Considered the gateway to Palisade Lake. Where you have the best access at the state park.

Right down the road is Gunnison Reservoir, which has a BLM Day Use area. For boating, fishing, swimming, picnicking & camping.

The town is on the Sanpitch river, six miles south of Manti.

Small Town Lake Vacation in Nevada

Round Hill - Village on Lake Tahoe. Small town feel at this iconic lake. With a population a little over 1600, there's all you need close by.

Yet good access to all the lake's features. Like beaches, trails, restaurants, a marina. And a variety of places to stay. All surrounded by piney parklands.

Small Lake Towns in California

Have to divide this huge state into sections. Let's take the top end, and the southern portion:

Northern California Lake Town

Bucks Lake - If you'd like a really small lake town in California - this one is it! Right on Bucks Lake with its Own Marina. Northeast of Oroville in the Sierras, Plumas National Forest.

The population hovers around 10 to 20! Rental watercraft & cabins available for visitors.

Take A Virtual Walk Lakeside

Southerly California Lake Town

Woodlake - A planned community started in 1912. Northeast of Visalia. Has grown now to about 7700 people.

The natural lake here, Bravo Lake, was reinforced with levees. Featured as a recreational source to attract residents.

Still there today, it's adjacent to their beautiful, free Botanical Garden. With tons of varieties of fragrant roses.

You'll also be close to Lake Kaweah & Slick Rock Recreational Area, to the east.

Want to Fly In to Woodlake to See Bravo Lake?

Lake Joke of the Month!

  • Dropped my phone in the local lake. 
  1. It’s syncing!
A round ball with a grimacing face on itUgh!!

Some Lakeside Observations

Because it's August, a wonderful summertime month. Whole-month dedications are made to several themes related to lakeside life:

  • Summer Sun Safety Month - Very important to remember to use your sun-screen when having your lake fun!
  • Family Fun Month - What fun to take the family to your favorite lake. For camping, boating, fishing, a picnic! What else do you do?
  • American Adventures Month - What adventure can you think of related to a lake? Hike that trail up to a mountain lake, you've been meaning to do? What else?
  • Happiness Happens Month - Going to the lake should be something to add to your happiness. It should fill you will calm, with serenity, with enjoyment. We wish that for you!

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