Arizona Fishing Lakes

Pima County Update

July 2022

"The little lake you love is the biggest ocean for you!"

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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Arizona Fishing Lakes & More in Pima County

Some people are surprised to discover that the Sonoran Desert in Pima County has lakes!

Recently my sister visited from the East Coast. I mentioned a nearby lake, just down the road. She was very surprised.

In Tucson, there are several fabulous lakes. They may be small, but they're big (& valuable) to us! (Reference our monthly Lake Quote for July above.)

The smaller community of Sahuarita also has a lake.

These communities can enjoy many lakeside activities at their lakes. 

American Widgeons swimming at Reid Park in TucsonLakeside Bird-Watching...
like seeing American Widgeons in Reid Park Lake.
Or others at Fort Lowell Park Pond.
Or at Agua Caliente Regional Park's lake.

Birding, walking, playgrounds, picnicking, jogging, and lots more...

Kayaking at lakes in Arizona.Boating in Tucson at Kennedy, Silverbell & Lakeside Lakes.
Launch Model Boats at Archer Lake.
Boating in Sahuarita at Sahuarita Lake.
A man is ready to fish in an Arizona desert lake.Fishing in Tucson at Silverbell, Lakeside & Kennedy Lakes.
Or Fishing in Sahuarita at Sahuarita Lake.

Please Observe All Rules & Regulations for Lake Boating & Fishing

Two Arizona Fishing Lakes Scheduled
For Improved Habitat

You'll see here with the links in our "Recent Articles" Blog Post> that Arizona Dept. of Game & Fish this coming weekend is sponsoring installation of two types of fish habitat improvement. They're asking for volunteers to sign up.

On Saturday at Kennedy Lake in Tucson. On Sunday at Sahuarita Lake in the town of Sahuarita, south of Tucson, off I-19.

These two Arizona fishing Lakes in Pima County will have improved habitats for the lives of fish. Once they're stocked in the lakes. And of course, it will make fishing for anglers much better. And much more fun!

These artificial habitats are:

  • Georgia Cubes - Named for Dept. of Natural Resources in Georgia. Made from PVC & large flexible tubing. They've already been used in Bartlett LakeRoosevelt Lake.

  • Mossback Fish Habitat - This structure helps released fry or fingerlings, small baby fish, to survive through to adulthood. But does even more than that. Making lake-life for fish a happy time for them (company says their studies show fish take to them right away!) - Until maybe they're hooked!

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Another Arizona Fishing Lake in Pima County

Arizona has a boatload of fishing lakes! The ones in Tucson, we've mentioned above: Silverbell Lake (that's the one near our house), off Silverbell Road. After turning off I-10's El Camino Del Cerro Exit, go to Silverbell Rd., turn left - it's just down on the left.

Lakeside Lake on the East side of town. And Kennedy Lake, on the Southwest side of town. They're all stocked regularly for fishing enjoyment.

Then there's also Sahuarita Lake, in Sahuarita. That's off I-19, south of Tucson.

Here are others in Pima County:

  • Arivaca Lake - A small lake that is out of the way, southeast of the same named village. Takes a little trek to get there along Arivaca Road. Take I-19 South out of Tucson.
  • From Tucson, take Catalina Highway up into the mountains. It's little Rose Canyon Lake, where you turn off on left after mile marker 17.

More Arizona Fishing Lakes

As we said, you've got many choices throughout the state. In all types of environments we have here in Arizona. We've got fabulous fishing in some of the Best Arizona Lakes.

You can have a great time Fishing Big Lake in Arizona's White Mountains. Be prepared for an absolutely non-desert climate!

A couple more desert lakes are great places for winter time fishing. One is large, one is small. Check these out:

  • Roosevelt Lake is the largest lake within the state of Arizona. And it's got plenty of places to fish. Plus a marina for rental/purchase needs.
  • Here's a place where you can get a nice campsite by a lake where you can go fishing. And be somewhat close to the small town of Safford. 
  1. Get tired of the heat? Take a break by driving up one of the highest sky islands in the state. It's Mt. Graham - where there's some alpine style lakes to scout out! Try Roper Lake.
Roper Lake's swimming beach with safety buoys marking areas for fishing & kayaking.Fishing, Swimming & Kayaking at Roper Lake

Lake Joke of the Month!

  • Two fish are swimming in a lake & one runs into a concrete wall.
  1. It turns to the other fish & says, "Dam!"

Some Lakeside Observations

July 25th is National Drowning Prevention Day. We'll always take precautions when at our lakes, fishing from boats, to wear our life jackets. Right?! In particular, if you take kids with you, they especially need to have them. Anywhere around the lake.

A life jacket, or "personal flotation device" (PFD) automatically turns a person wearing it face-up. That way when you breathe via mouth & nose, you won't inhale water & drown.

Approximately 236,000 people drown every year! But sadly, it's one of the ten top killers of children between 5 & 14 years old.

As Ben Franklin said: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But remember there is no cure for a drowned person.

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