SBI Review

A Business Method We Believe In!

Here's Why You Can, Too!!

Our SBI Review is here to introduce readers to the fabulous method we've used to create our website. It's our story that intertwines with this great online business system!

We think it's the best out there!! And we'll tell you why...

SBI - Means Solo Build It

(Formerly Called Site Build It)

Once called Site Build It - because it's a system to build a website. But is that all? Absolutely not!!

But I'll start at the beginning - why I love it! And so does my husband - but first just a note:

This SBI review is written by me - Karen, though my husband agrees fully and supports me. But I'm the primary one who deals with the SBI system. He takes other background roles in our LLC business.

A Plant lady holding plants wearing a big hat

I've always been kind-of entrepreneurial - even as a kid! But I never really went there, and instead had various careers.

Then our kids became adults. And home computers were invented. That's when I started to think seriously of having a business out of our home.

Satisfying the entrepreneur in me! Although I'd done a few things - I was even the "Plant Lady" for awhile!! Having plant parties selling potted plants, with some planting advice. (What!? I don't really even have a green thumb!)

One day searching the internet for possible home businesses I discovered SBI. About 2002 or 2003 I saw their ad. I read their SBI reviews.

It seemed really good! Was it possible? The price was reasonable for all you got. Back then you could download a basic manual to get started, sampling it. My review of SBI was quite positive!

A little stick figure guy took me step by step through the SBI method for creating a website. Not only that - but how to be successful with it. Start with an idea you love, that interest you're passionate about. Base your website on it! Then you'll always want to work it.

You also weave in interests of those out there searching for something on the internet. The same subjects your website relates to. Where do the two intersect? Really?? I could find that out? So...

  • I'd create a website about something I love! 
  • And that love helps me find others who will like the site I'll build, because they're loving this subject too!! 
  • That sounded like a plan!!

We loved taking vacations. Loved travel. Loved beach vacations. Loved going to the beach in California. So I started a site about California beach vacations.

A heart drawn into beach sand, showing you love the beach, with surf breaking onto the sand.
A smiling healthcare worker.

My problem though: I was still building my career. That didn't leave me much time for working on my site. Really was my fault, anyway - I actually didn't follow SBI's step by step plan. I didn't renew next year. But I remembered the SBI potential. I was just too distracted then.

Time passed, my career in Respiratory Therapy, plus my educational advancement progressed. Even so, time intensive! Not much free time to do the things we loved - like Traveling. Or work on a travel website. But I never forgot about reviewing a future possibility with SBI.

Then through the years. My husband Bill was retiring - a fitting age. We planned for it: returning "home" to Arizona, from California. I thought of SBI then, reviewing my memory of that system. But I still needed to work a couple more years.

Bulky hands with raised approval thumbs.

While preparing, I searched online for SBI reviews. I found the SBI Website again. 

Solo Build It by had been changed and updated since I last started with it. Except one thing: the price!

It was still such a bargain, I couldn't believe it -  Amazing!!

What's That Though??

A mean face, not a smileyHow Mean!

I was pretty disturbed by one SBI review. It went on and on about SBI being so bad. Saying how the administrator who started it was very evil, so it seemed. But no facts to back it up. Just a bullying type of diatribe. This SBI review was so mean, I was really taken aback! I almost responded to this SBI review person - what was her problem? Why so mean? (More on that below!)

But I didn't bother. I'd used SBI before. Reviewing their offer before me, I saw it had only gotten better! They have a valuable 90 day Money-Back Guarantee. So no worries, if it wasn't the same, or improved. Or even if I didn't like it, like I thought I would!

I began again, even though I still had a job. I carved out a little spare time for it. This time I chose Arizona travel as my theme. We love Arizona, and visiting all the variety of places in the state. And we lived there again, making that creative process easier.

I followed the plan more closely. Yet not quite as I should have. Although still better than the first time.

I found the site progressed. While building this Arizona Travel website - my home  business, my visitors to it, steadily grew. As long as I continued building onto it, I saw some advancement. But I started realizing, I again wasn't truly using the step by step plan. So the success I wanted to have was more difficult, and time intensive.

Arizona flag on a welcome to Arizona sign.

Then at last I was retiring from my healthcare/teaching job! Alright!!

That's when I went to SBI's roots for a review. To the beginning, to get my course of action correct. In December 2016 I started over. We began a new site, with our passion subject.

Plus centering our focus, since I learned Arizona was too expansive. This time we finally followed the steps of the plan! We created a site about the town where we retired: Tombstone Arizona.

A couple standing in the area of red rocks of Sedona Arizona

What happened was wonderful progress! Since following the SBI plan. That site got listed on Google, Bing and Yahoo!! Surging visitors to our Tombstone Arizona website. Internet searchers like we hadn't seen before!! Every week more people subscribing to our newsletter - so thrilling!! It became a valuable commodity, even! We eventually sold it.

We began this other SBI website here, that includes our other passions - the outdoors, traveling, camping, and the Southwest. Now our main site is

A graphic display demonstrating an increase or growth.

How Does SBI Work?

It's a process you follow (not my initial bad examples, please!) -

The Solo Build It! Action Guide

Based on their CTPM principles:

  • Content - create authentic great content
  • Traffic - bring in targeted traffic wanting that content
  • PreSell - your visitors know you're an authentic person they can trust by the value of your site
  • Monetize - business area, where your visitors purchase offerings provided by you in a trusting manner

The SBI Action Guide takes you through 10 logical Chapters - called "Days" - each with sub-parts of action to accomplish.

  1. Intro - Overview: in-depth explanation of the CTPM principle
  2. Day 1 - Master the All-Important Basics: Building the foundation of your business
  3. Day 2 - Develop Your Best Site Concept: Essential for your success
  4. Day 3 - Brainstorm Profitable Topics: Your site layout
  5. Day 4 - Investigate & Plan Monetization Options: Discover $$$
  6. Day 5 - Refine Site Concept & Register Domain Name: Big decision!
  7. Day 6 - Build a Site That Gets the Click: Construction instruction
  8. Day 7 - Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources: Give life to the business
  9. Day 8 - Develop Relationships: PreSelling needs
  10. Day 9 - Know Your Visitors: Better profits via customer service
  11. Day 10 - Monetize: Action plan begins & follows through

Each day is as long as you need it to be, to accomplish the plan. And remember - this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Any such thing? NO!!

It does take time, and work. Yet the plan is designed for your interests - so you'll enjoy putting in that time and work! But the more effort you put in - the faster you'll see results. Essential success point - (important!) follow the Action Guide!

What About Free Website Builders!?

A checkbox indicating value is here.

Right? What about other website builders? Review them for varied opinions. They have some benefits, plus drawbacks.

Some are free, some are low-cost. Others even more costly.

Some are quite easy to use, some quite a bit more difficult to use. Definitely not user friendly!

I've tried working some of the above. In fact, when I was teaching, I used free or very low-cost versions with purchased domain names. Why? I didn't need people to find the site on Google, with a search. I had inbuilt traffic: my students.

I posted assignments, gave links to information and teacher's contact email, posted class rules, etc. The company's website construction was somewhat easy to use. But SBI's is much easier, more functional, with tons of features included.

If I did want to be found by internet searchers, I'd have to purchase more packages. Explanations for marketing and other assistance wasn't clear, or even available. And more!

I've used Word Press. I'm not sure why it's so popular?? Personally, I think it's quite tedious. Maybe it's because I've only used the free version? But with all these plug-ins and various methods to do assorted things - I don't consider it user friendly at all.

Would you love to have a Word Press site? Plus add in a way to increase traffic, plus a great business system and support? That's the SBI for Word Press.

Or do you have Word Press, find it tedious (like me!), and don't want to ditch it for the work you've put in? There's a solution: Transfer to SBI! 

SBI Looks Out For Us

With free or low-cost, you build a website - Yes. Beautiful looking? Probably! But can you also build a successful business? If you build it, will they come? NO - likely they won't. Not for that initial no/little cost.

Does any company you may consider provide EVERYTHING you need for only one yearly, very reasonable fee? And I mean "Have Your Back" for whatever background details you can't even anticipate? For instance, Google updates, international or U.S. laws affecting your site, ongoing free interactive Learning Challenges, etc., etc., etc.?

Just One Example: Google started requiring sites to be secure, setting up with HTTPS protocol. SBI went to work for us automatically!  SBIers had simple instructions to convert our sites from HTTP to HTTPS. SBI handled it flawlessly for us, with no extra costs. No payment for an SSL Security Certificate! SBI made our lives easier again!

I could give you others. But suffice it to say: SBI has our backs. They do everything they can to let SBI website builders focus on making our websites and businesses, not dealing with involved intricacies of the internet world. Not paying extra for these add-ons. What a relief!!

Since they provide absolutely stellar customer service - watching out for SBI users that way - SBI,  Site Build It! has my total confidence and true respect. I can't tell you the times their Support has also helped me quickly understand any issues I needed assistance with.

Imagine using a free/el-cheapo website for your business. No help dealing with regulatory and Internet issues and changes that can be nightmarish for small businesses to deal with.

What did you do, will you do, or have you done to become https and GDPR compliant? Etc. Etc. Did/would you have to pay a consultant to handle it? Or the website provider another fee? But we at SBI had no worries - SBI had our backs that time, and all the time. For this, and all types of issues. All included.

I just can't help but say - SBI is the WHOLE PACKAGE! From start to finish, you're supplied with a user-friendly, business-building, website-building, fantastic system! I hope this SBI review is showing you what I mean.

But if you have any questions - you can even get Fast SBI Action>

Authentic Vs. Fake SBI Review

You might have noticed we highly recommend SBI and their method for building an online business! We're giving our review of SBI here, for info to help you evaluate it for yourself. Perhaps you're perusing, searching for SBI reviews while considering an online home business.

That's how I did it. It's a good method. Take caution though, because fake reviews circulate out there on the internet!

Fake news has been a recent media topic. Not a good thing, for sure! You want accurate, trust-worthy reports for evaluation. It's good to use critical thinking, and investigate, or research things you're told, read or see.

That's why I bring up fake reviews. Because I know there are Fake SBI reviews around the web! Which amazes me!! In fact that one I read myself, mentioned above, I realized was a fake review.

A banner about Fake Reviews
A quality examination.

So I encourage you to do your own research! While considering SBI, to cautiously look for authentic reviews. Use critical thinking, making sure they're on-the-level. Look for real Solo Build It Reviews. There are many, written by those who know SBI, use it and love it! Just like me!

Here's a favorite of mine - from one of our favorite places to visit:

San Francisco


Do an internet search Solo Build It reviews, you'll find fake reviews. They're written by scammers to fool you, divert you with lies so they can sell you their "product:" A website that sells websites to sell a website! But there's no real product.

The primary company promoting this method is "WA." Who is that? I detest saying their name! They call themselves Wealthy Affiliate. Affiliate being the key word. Because all they do is make money by selling you this same WA "business." So it's not really a home business. Chances you'll become "wealthy" from this type of affiliate method: very slim. The few who actually make money with this take advantage by essentially lying. WA affiliate resellers aren't worried about your success, just about getting you to buy in! Even if it takes lying, or at least stretching the truth, like a worn out hair tie scrunchy. 

They're in business to sell a "business" to you, the same that you in turn will sell to others, so they'll sell the same to others! That product only - a website to sell a website, to sell the same website - on which to earn commissions. Not only that - they aim to publish fake Solo Build It reviews to attempt to detract from what they feel is their competition!

So is SBI a competitive product that can be compared to WA? No! Because SBI is a real product, and WA is not. SBI is a business building system, to create a True-Value real business, using a website methodology.

Personally, I don't see the value in this WA so-called product! It's not a business creator. Wealthy Affiliate is the actual fake business. It's like a shadow business. I don't believe it's a reputable method to build a successful online business.

These fake reviewers have their nasty methods of "fake-reviewing Solo Build It" - but what they can't do is compare success! Solo Build It always has tons of verifiable proof of Successful Sites for real people with home businesses via their websites.

Online fake reviews are problematic. They mislead people, so as to make money, taking hard-earned cash from consumers! If you search Google for "fake reviews" you'll see what a problem it is.

I wrote this page to share my Solo Build It story, to review why I Love It! To get you this information, if you're thinking of a home business online.

Concluding My Story Share

Awhile back, I saw that vile Solo Build It review, and then found out it was a fake review!

Then discovered there was a deceptive aim. A goal to purposefully create Solo Build It fake reviews to lure people into purchasing WA instead. I was upset about that! Kind of  angry, too!

That's why I wrote my own Solo Build It review to support this great system that works so well. It's a product that gives you so much, abundant value.

I felt disturbed that someone who wants to start a home website business might be misled into buying this weak "product," because of fake SBI reviews. A system with little chance of true success, especially compared to Solo Build It.

Plus I feel, questionable ethics of the system: willingness to take your money selling you a fake dream. I believe they're selling a scam-like system. I don't trust them. Please be cautious about trusting them yourself.

We're building this website into a business with Solo Build It. We become more and more successful every day. It's an authentic business builder, because it's not here only to build a website. Solo Build It takes you through everything From Step One for your website's business success. And we mean everything!!

P.S. If you're considering your own website for a home business, for full transparency - if you click any links for Solo Build It here in this SBI Review, and then order, we do receive a small commission. And we appreciate that - for it helps us keep our website running. It's also the only affiliate earnings we receive for the purchase of a website-building program. So if you do order: Thank You!!