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Karen and Bill of Southwest Arizona Lakes are standing in front of red rocks in Sedona Arizona welcoming you to learn about them here on their About Us page

About Us - Who is it behind the scenes of this website?

We're Karen [That's Me>] and who else: Bill [That's Me>]! We're here to help you get fantastic pointers for enjoying Southwestern Lakes of the USA.

We love "playing" by the water - and we know the Southwest's water spots pretty well! Particularly Arizona's, as we live here. But we also travel a lot - finding lakes in other Southwestern states in America. Fabulous places to see!

We'll show you what people love to do at any of them. And why!! Yes, our purpose is at the top of each of our web pages...

We'll help you enjoy them, have fun at, and delight in, any of those lakes of the Southwest USA!


Man with baseball cap, sunglassess and mustache standing in a park-like area.Bill Loves Exploring!

We're both retired from our medical field professions as Respiratory Therapists in hospitals and in education. But we've always loved the camping lifestyle. Particularly going somewhere that's nearby a lake, a stream, a river, the ocean.

When our kids were growing up, more often then not, we took them to lakes, rivers & wetlands. Although we do get to the ocean on occasion, we find ourselves mostly at lakes. So why not share?

We love our state: Arizona. And the extraordinary beauty and many opportunities for recreation in the Southwestern part of the USA.

To keep you informed, we regularly research the continued changes that go on regarding America's Southwest lakes and related waterways - quite a job! We have work experience and degrees we feel help us in constructing SWlakesUSA, which are Documented Here.

We'd love Your Input! What else would you like to see on this website? What questions, comments or feedback do you have?

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

We aim to provide valuable information about Southwest lakes, plus related waterways and wetlands, to interested people for its tourist, recreational, travel, touring, natural, conservation, and ecological value.

Please see our full Mission Statement>

If we discover errors (we Welcome Input), we fix them asap. In support of our research and authorship of content for you - we maintain productive/related memberships &  credentials:

  • Members of Friends of the San Pedro
  • Members of Local First Arizona
  • Wildlife Hero Members at Arizona Game and Fish

About Us - Karen & Bill

I'm Karen

Karen and Bill at a Florida pierNo Longer Need to Vacation to Fla to Escape Winter Weather!

Although born in Scranton Pennsylvania, growing up on the U.S. Northeastern Coast, I always knew I'd end up in a warmer climate.

After marriage, Bill & I knew Tucson Arizona was the place to call home. We also lived in Southern California, both of us teaching there for a little over ten years.

We've always loved outdoor activities, travel, history, nature, conservation & birding. Bill and I have traveled to Ireland, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand, and through much of the United States.

We've been hiking & camping since our younger days. We brought up our kids kind of out in nature - taking them camping, fishing, bird-watching & hiking. In fact, when my daughter was to be born, my labor pains began while I was fishing at a lake!

We've explored Arizona, and the Southwest - and we're not done yet! Especially since we're "job-retired," with our own time now. We're roving around in our travel trailer, often camping at a lake-side site!

I have a Digital Camera Mastery Certificate from Photography Pro. Right now I'm working on a Watershed Academy Web Training Certificate. And also a Photo Shortcuts certificate from Photography Pro.

I'm the primary author/constructor/webmaster of this website. But Bill is involved, too!

woman standing behind a chair at a table, in front of a window showing a jungle of trees outside.Karen on a River Dinner Cruise
Woman standing by a rocky stream in a forest.Taking a Stream-side Hike

I'm Bill

Man with a baseball cap, eyeglasses, gray beard and mustache sitting in a restaurant with a few other people in the background and lighting above.Bill is Here to Help also!

Bill is my husband. We've been married many years - were high school sweethearts. We enjoy many of the same activities & interests. In fact, many of our early "dates" were getting together to go fishing!

Bill contributes to the website. He helps with ideas, photos, offering critiques, researching information. He collaborates on our investigative trips to find needed info. He's imaginative & thinks of unique information & creations to offer readers.

Bill loves our camping activities, beautiful scenery, new adventures, etc! He adores the Southwest, and really loves Arizona! Exploring lakeside and riverside areas is a favored past-time.

A man in a ski cap and sweatship and a woman in a white winter coat. They're standing in front of a pile of barrels.We love to travel - here visiting a winery - can you tell?
A man and woman posing under a trellis on a hilltop with mountains in the background.A nice spot for a pic atop a hill on Catalina Island


Do you have questions, or comments? Tell us what we're missing? What more would you hope to be seeing on our site? What can we find out for you? We're open to input!

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