About Us Page

This about us page is to document some other information that may be important to some. We want to show our background to help qualify our ability for research, authorship and analysis on our website.

Plus assist others who may be interested to understand our gig economy business with which we earn extra funds over our retirement income. It adds to the quality of life we're able to have in our retirement.

people on the walkway path by Sydney's Opera HouseHere We Are in Sydney Australia - We Love Traveling!

Yet there are many purposes or motivations for having a home business.

We recommend you investigate why we started, if you have any inkling of working from home at all. Many people recently have begun to consider that. Are you one?

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our goal for this website if to give visitors helpful details related to lakes in the Southwestern United States. Plus from the nature of lakes, we touch on the rivers, streams, wetlands etc. that relates to area lakes.

We believe people who are tourists, who like to travel to the Southwestern states, who like touring the area, will like the information we provide. And find it helpful.

We also cover natural information about lakes, how they're formed, the types of lakes there are, etc. Plus related subjects such as water conservation and the ecological challenges that lakes face. 

In doing all of the above, we have specific experiences in life that you may have already read about on our About Us main page. Additionally our work experience and college degrees have given us tools that help with building and maintaining this website.

Plus to add to the value our company offers, we publish a Newsletter. We issue it once a month: To The Lakeside. It's a fun, short, read - with tidbits related to lakes & unique info & history.

Please see our full Mission Statement>

We maintain specific memberships that relate to our business and to the nature of our website:

  • Members of Friends of the San Pedro
  • Members of Local First Arizona
  • Wildlife Hero Members at Arizona Game and Fish

About Us Page - Karen & Bill



  • Bachelor of Sciences in Health Sciences
  • Master of Education
  • Member of Kappa Delta Pi
  • 10 Years teaching experience
  • 8 Years Section Directing Experience 
digital camera mastery certification



  • Bachelor of Science Degree
  • 10 Years teaching experience
  • Approximately 18 years of instructional lecturing experience

About Our Gig Economy Home Business

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